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KEEP SAFE & Play Rugbyby using Trust PA - EYES UP to see where the danger is coming from - stay alert…

What’s that all about ? - Paul-André Blundell (known as PA) was our youngest son who died after a rugby tackle that totally paralysed him by spinal cord injury, age 26

after six months in a hospital spinal unit. The Coroner’s Inquest video evidence indicated - no foul play, but not why & how it had happened?

A few years later we found the true cause via the web and an American Football Training Video called “Heads up” explaining exactly why and how our tragedy had occurred.


Briefly - The video clearly shows via a schematic, what happens during an impact tackle. The spinal column is a strong structure of bone/vertebral segments, with inter-vertebral discs acting as shock absorbers. The surrounding musculature holds & supports this structure, to enable us to live our lives. Dropping the head (a natural reflex action to protect the face) weakens this structure. So when a player makes contact with another player head down (at speed) - on impact the head stops, the body mass continues to move forward with the neck in between to absorb the impact. This causes the vertebrae to become crushed or displaced which damages the delicate spinal cord within. We suddenly appreciated what needed to be shared with the Rugby World.

UK RUGBY – At our request, this was properly researched and tested for UK Rugby by the then RFU Medical Director which resulted in a name change to Trust PA – “EYES UP” safe play technique, - to enable players to protect themselves from serious neck or back injury, paralysis or worse.

WHAT we are asking all UK Rugby Authorities is: 

To initiate official UK “EYES UP” - training info & videos, designed specificall for all rugby coaches, trainers & teachers to enhance safe play of our children, youth and adult players - from ‘Day One’ rugby training. The key point being: Players must understand the real danger of tackling - head down!

In order to make UK Rugby a Safer Game -

We need your support to add weight & start a campaign to get this introduced universally, especially for all children & youth players, please help us.

It is very important to read our report & view the evidence. This fully clarifies the validity of the research & background details.

See our contact details below to get in touch; we will be pleased to discuss this with you.


  Lets make Rugby Safer for chaps like these with  "EYES UP" Training from Day One!


Paul-André (P-A) demands that we do this to save lives!