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Trust PA EYES UP – STATEMENT [from the World Rugby Website 2019]

[The safer "Eyes Up" tackling model was initiated and promoted by Trust PA in memory of Welsh player Paul-Andre Blundell - known as P.A., of Keynsham RFC in the English South West League One, whose life it might have saved.  Trust PA is a UK spinal repair charity established in P-A's memory.]

World Rugby Adopted & Acknowledged as the New Training Method

KEEP SAFE & Play Rugby - by using World Rugby/Rugby Ready & RFU safety training as introduced to the game by Trust PA – 

“EYES UP” - See where the danger is coming from - stay alert…

Losing Paul-André in 2002 motivated our family to set up Trust P-A Spinal Repair Charity. 

After years questioning how such a simple tackle caused such a tragic final outcome, we discovered the proven “EYES UP” solution & at last it explaining both how & why!

We immediately realised the vital need for all worldwide Rugby Authorities to Coach players HOW -

To protect themselves from potential serious neck, back & concussion injuries.

As World Rugby fully appreciate the real importance of player safety, this is evident by them adopting “EYES UP” into The Rugby Ready Player Training Program -

Recognition Statement by World Rugby - The safer "Eyes Up" tackling model was initiated and promoted by Trust PA in memory of Welsh player

Paul-Andre Blundell - known as P.A. of Keynsham RFC in the English South West League One, whose life it might have saved.

Trust PA is a UK Spinal Repair Charity established in P-A's memory.

See World Rugby Ready Website – (NB Trust PA recognition statement is at The Tackle page end) 

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This has given us personally, with our Trust PA family, consolation that this paradigm shift in future Rugby Safety bestows great value on Paul-André’s (P-A’s) life and memory.

The History

September 2001, during a tackle while playing for KRFC against Maidenhead, Paul-André Blundell – (known as P-A) broke his neck, was totally paralysed but later died. Subsequently on finding “EYES UP” the evidence was brought to the IRB (now World Rugby) Medical Conference in 2010 via the WRU and developed into the Ready Rugby Tackle Training method: “Eyes Up” - ensures the neck & back (spinal column) is in the safest position to avoid serious life changing injuries, while enabling the player to monitor the game in process.

Since Trust PA introduced "EYES UP", the English RFU have modified the initial safe play training concept using equivalent language to deliver their message: -

"EYES UP" Looking through the eyebrows!

What Trust PA is asking all Rugby Authorities?

PLEASE coach the official “EYES UP” – rugby safe play training to protect especially children, youth and adult players - from ‘Day One’ rugby training.

It is important that all trainers, coaches, teachers & referees understand & always share both HOW & WHY - "EYES UP" is IMPORTANT –

to enable all players to protect themselves from concussion, serious neck, back & spinal injuries by being fully aware of what is happening around them.

The key point being: Players must understand the real serious danger of tackling HEAD DOWN as this weakens the spinal structure -

So Play “EYES UP” - See where the danger is coming from - stay alert… in order to make Rugby a Safer Game.


Let’s ensure that Rugby is Safer for chaps like these in the picture with "EYES UP" Training from Day One teaching; - tackle safely, eyes up with good body position.

NB: Paul-André told us (while he was in Hospital ICU) that he gave his life playing the game he loved. Adopting "EYES UP" safe play positively balances this in the spirit of his love for life.



We are very pleased that P-A's KRFC Senior Officers were keen to recieve a framed World Rugby EYES UP representation

for sharing with their players/members at KRFC in the Club P-A Memorial Lounge. 


L-R Gerri - John Hibbitt President - Rob - Craig Wetton Chairman - Ian Tweedie Past Chairman. 


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The above information finalises the latest communication between; Trust PA Charity & World Rugby Medical Director - Dr. Martin Raftery (& previously)

The UK RFU Medical Director - Dr. Simon Kemp, Karen Hood Head of IPF, Rachel Brown RFU Player Welfare Manager.